Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday ramble

I don't really have any specific things to post about, just some rambly rambles...

I have been shopping, for one, and that has been fun!  I've been on the prowl for some new running attire so my new shoes have some company.  LOL. Naturally, it has to show off my new tattoo, I didn't get it to hide it, so I suspect my new wardrobe for the summer will include racerbacks and strapless shirts/dresses!  This morning before I headed to the gym... (and my cat loves to photobomb)

and HELLO?!!!!  I'm feeling pretty good about my body in these fitted shirts!  I just feel comfortable and that is really nice.  I'm not really focused on losing pounds, but getting fit, and that's what seems to be happening!  Yay!

I ran 3.5 miles on Tuesday.  2 miles straight, 1 minute walk, and then ran the rest of the way.  AND I was at about an 11 minute mile, which is a good pace for me.  I am in a quandary about all my soreness right now though.  I was moving around a LOT on Tuesday after running.  I took my daughter to see Taylor Swift and basically ran in the morning and then just kept going all day long.  I wasn't very sore at all.  THEN yesterday I got sore.  In fact, I noticed that I get more and more sore the LESS active I am.  So 2 days after my run, I was pretty sore this morning.  I'm wondering if there's any relation to all this soreness and my fibromyalia diagnosis?  I got rid of just the normal unexplained pain by taking Vitamin D but I seem to be abnormally sore from exercising.  I don't know, maybe everybody is sore all the time when they are training?  I've been a runner for quite a while though to still be really so sore after 3 miles?

In any case, per my new 2x run a week, today was a cross training day.  I did the elliptical and bike and then I just couldn't resist that treadmill just for a bit!  It's like a drug to me or something. LOL.  I decided to just do a little "speed work", which I put in quotes b/c a 10 minute pace is not really SPEEDY, but for me, it's a minute faster pace than usual.  So I just ran a half a mile and stopped.  My son told me this is cheating on my schedule that today was supposed to be just cross training, but what can I say?  I'm a glutton for punishment.  ;)

For fun, from the concert (it was hard to pic one, I took TONS).  We had a blast, it was really fun.
ok, I lied...2 pictures it is!

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