Sunday, March 17, 2013

My feet hurt.

No fancy titles there. Just angry rambles... Yesterday was not a great day.  After writing up this heartfelt post about why I want to run the Princess, my feet gave me a slap of reality.  I'm still not really recovered from the PF...or maybe I recover and then it comes back.  Either way, when I run outside, more than 3 miles, it hurts. 

I was so frustrated yesterday and I need to write it down so I can keep track of these things.  It wasn't the stabbing pain of Plantar Fasciitis just yet yesterday, but it sure felt like the beginnings of it.  My feet just hurt and burned most of the day, no matter how many stretches I did or how many Ibuprofen I popped. 

I'm just really tired of living in FEAR of this pain.  I have it in my head that if I allow the PF to come back, then I'm out of commission for months like last year.  It's just looming there and it is really taking a toll on my training.  HOW can I train if I am set back every time I run longer than 3 miles???

I'm considering cutting to 2 runs a week instead of 3 and just cross training (biking) on the 3rd day.  I don't know if I can get my mileage up doing that, but running myself into the ground won't get me there either.  I will do the race, so I need to add intervals or crosstrain or something.  I'll crawl over that finish line if I have to because I'm not the type to set goals and just give up. 

This morning the feet feel a little better, so there's hope, and I guess I should be glad that I have over 11 months to build myself up.  It's going to take some consistent commitment though and vigilance.  I've got that, luckily. 


  1. Oh Karen - so sorry. I fully understood the FEAR of it - one always wants to remain optimistic and I know will and do!! BUT I understand that feeling. Here's to finding the best balance for it all.

  2. I would advice you not to take too many medicines to prevent the pain. If the pain is unbearable and does not go away after a period of time then you should definitely go see a podiatrist.