Friday, March 29, 2013

Fitness Friday!

SPRING has arrived!!!!  I was working as the sun came out today and I raced home to  throw on running clothes and get out there!  I had to wait a bit for my son, Dallas, as we were going to run the Jelly Bean Virtual 5K today.

I was so excited to find this and actually have time to get in our run today before it ends this weekend!  Naturally I had to sport some new gear, some that did work and some that did not.  I purchased a running skirt that is comfy, but I could tell the legs would ride up...and they did.  I didn't have any chafing, but for a longer run I might have.  Not sure if anyone has any suggestions.  I guess I can always just wear compression shorts with a sparkle skirt from now on!

I also got some cute compression socks from Running Skirts to just help ease some of my calf pain and they were fantastic!  Very cute too and no calf soreness at all this run.  I have had some expected soreness because my Brooks Pure Flows are a lower heel to toe than I'm used to, but I'm adjusting pretty be honest, I just wanted to see what cute socks would look like with the skirt!  LOL.

Naturally I had to have my Jelly Bean Bib on! It was sunny enough for sun glasses, I was totally jazzed.

Properly dressed, Dallas and I headed out!  We ran a route out of town that we only have gone on bikes before.  I remember biking down this gorgeous path and thinking how cool it would be to run but that it was too far!  HA!  We ran the whole 3.1 and finished in exactly 34:00.  That's a better time than our last 5K, so I guess an official PR for me, although I've done better on the treadmill.

It was a GORGEOUS day and I really just soaked it all up.  Dallas & I had a little trouble pacing each other, we kept speeding up thinking the other was wanting to go faster (we were listening to music on the way out and running).  I sped up at the end, and Dallas was really winded and needed to walk, but I really could have kept running I felt so fantastic being outdoors.   We walked most of the way back, jogged a bit for a while, and ended up doing a total of 5.35 miles today.

Have a fantastic weekend!!!  Ok, I need running skirt suggestions!  I need shorts that are a bit longer and do NOT ride up.  Any suggestions? 



    I have not tried these personally, but they are on my "goal" rewards list. They guarantee no ride up. :0)
    Good job on the Jelly Bean!!! Keep it up and you'll be at the Princess in no time!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! I have my eye on one of those, but they are so expensive for the skirt/short combo! I actually have 2 of just the regular sparkle skirts that you can wear compression shorts under. Maybe I'll get a pair of the sparkle tech for a "reward" for finishing the 10K in June or something! And they say that running is a cheap sport?!?!?...

    2. Clearly they know nothing about women and run bling!