Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring is like Training.

I know, I know, this should be a blog, not a complaint center, but I'm new to this, so I can just ramble on and complain about any old thing, right?  ;)

It's March 24th.  It looks like January 24th out there!

It's not even a running day for me, but yet I'm annoyed that the snow keeps coming and I cannot run outside!  Ok, I know I CAN run outside, but I honestly don't want to.  I'm prone to accidents, Rey says I can cut myself on a spoon I'm so accident prone, and running in slippery conditions is not for me.  I do enjoy running in the rain occasionally, but WARM rain, not frozen freezing snow in SPRING!  Sheesh. 

This isn't the norm for Missouri either, it's usually warmer by now, as you can tell from the poor flowers. 


So here I sit in my house, wishing I could get outside to run or dig in the dirt or sit in the sun.  I have a half finished bottle-border in my garden, just waiting to be worked on.  So many spring projects that are just going to have to wait. wait. wait.  Have I ever mentioned I hate waiting?

Oh I feel an analogy coming!  It's kind of like my running!  
Stay with me here...

Yesterday I was already having to do some stern talking-to-myself as I was driving home from petsitting.  It had already popped into my head that I felt pretty good after my run Friday and MAYBE I didn't have to take it so slow after all.  Maybe I could run Monday too instead of cross training!  See, this is what gets me in trouble every single time.  No patience.  I want it NOW and I want it all. I want to be able to run 13.1 miles overnight, but it just doesn't happen like that.  It's like spring arriving...

(Oh I'm so good, I just came up with that!) LOL

It doesn't come overnight.  It comes in little bits and pieces.  First there is a warm day where it's beautiful and you can just tell that it's coming! The birds are singing and the sun is out.  You can TASTE it, just like when you have that good run that you pushed for and got farther than ever.  But then the snow comes back and it turns colder again for a bit.  You realize that you can't get there overnight, it's a process. Like running!  It takes time and dedication, it's a gradual journey!  Training is going to teach me that I need to be patient and take it at a pace my body can handle.  I will get WILL be spring soon, but you can't force these things.  

So bring on the snow!  (meh...not really, but maybe it's just a bit more tolerable now)

 It better melt tomorrow.  :p

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