Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunrise TIMES TWO!

My day started early today, I needed to get one more run in this week (you will see why further down) and I had petsits to do before and after my run.  I headed out before the sunrise, actually arriving at the gym before the sun was up!  I would really puff this up and talk about how dedicated I am that I get up so early to run, but the truth is, I wake up around 4am naturally  and it's a good thing because my job requires me getting to clients houses pretty early to let dogs out! 

I headed right for the treadmill and got to it!  I was determined to get in 4 miles today.  I had to laugh at myself because I decided to try and take a picture while running (because I wasn't about to stop just for a picture) and that was a complete failure.  I don't know if people normally STOP and take pictures, but I will spare you the large BLUR of a shot that I got when I tried to take a picture of the sun rising while I ran.  It was lovely and I had told myself I could take a 1 minute walk break at 2 miles if I wanted, but when I got to 2 miles, I decided to push to 3!  I made it to 3 and then there was just no way I was going to stop there either!  4 miles it was!  The sun was UP when I finished!

It felt fantastic, not very sore and nothing hurt!  I just cannot explain how excited I am that I'm running without injury.  I don't know if it's the shoes or the taking it slower (ahem...not sure I'm really taking it slow) or just getting stronger, but I'm so excited!  I think Dallas and I are running a 10K on June 1st, and I feel like I will be able to do this and finally that I'm making some progress with my training. 

My 2nd sunrise was the reason that I had to get my run out of the way!  I got color on my tattoo this afternoon and I probably won't run until Monday because it's hard to wear my sports bras.  This is my first tattoo and I have written up how much meaning trees have to me previously, but I'll have to eventually do that here as well.  Let's just say that I have always had a special connection with trees and when I was younger never would have thought I was a "tattoo person" but when I turned 40 I decided it had been lurking there in my mind for so long, it was time!  I LOVE it and I'm really pleased with the color (it's been just the black silhouette for 3 weeks since my first session)

             Now I'm off to petsit some more at SUNSET and hopefully get home and relax!