Monday, March 18, 2013

I need a PLAN!

Lisa, my always-supportive-gushing-bestest-cheerleader-ever suggested I get a schedule going for my training.  DOH!

Seriously though, I sat around all weekend (ok, I didn't really sit around I had to work and other things I had to do...but MENTALLY I sat around!) feeling sorry for myself and worrying about my feet when I could have been proactive and started making a plan.

By the way, my feet feel better.  I'm still really struggling with knowing what SORE feet feel like compared to Plantar Fasciitis-coming-back-feet.  I'm going to just have to take it slow and get over it.  I was thinking yesterday how amazing it will feel to conquer this hurdle I have in front of me.

So, I have decided that I possibly need more recovery time than the average person.   Hopefully this will change, but instead of inducing more injury, I have decided to go way slower than I would like by running twice a week instead of 3x.  I have tried running less mileage but 3x and that has not worked when I start to up the mileage, so this time I'm going to run less but more.  Got that?  ;)  Run twice a week, cross train 2 other days, and then still up my mileage on one of the runs.  Friday's run.

I made up a quick calendar for the rest of March and I have it hung up.  I will find a better calendar and decide if there should be any changes at the end of the month.  I don't want to be rigid if it's not going to work and I'm leaving my mileage for the long runs open for now because I'm unsure of how slow or fast I will be able to add miles at this point.  Slow and steady, right?  :)

Ok, so I published and went away for a bit before having a lightbulb moment.  Rey bought some equipment to cram put in our bedroom so when he wasn't at physical therapy/work conditioning (he has a couple herniated discs) he could workout at home.  I had looked at them and thought they might come in handy, but I am so focused on my running that I never really CONSIDERED them.  Well, looking at my handy-dandy cross training schedule this morning, I realized that I could do at least one of my workouts right here at home!  I have no idea what I was thinking, but I'm thinking now at least!  I rearranged them as best as I could so that they would be ready and beckoning me!  LOL.  Then I worked out!  I'll most likely not be able to type, put my clothing on, or lift my arms at all by tomorrow at this time...and I broke a sweat.  Imagine that!  ;)


  1. Hey, can I come work out at your house? ;)

    1. Why not! My bedroom has been overrun with camera equipment and now workout equipment...I think we might just nix the bed here soon and sleep on the couches. LOL

  2. Don't forget that Amy just had her MASSIVE PR this weekend, Karen. And she's really pushed her cross training - added many boot camps and has said that it really affected her running for the better.