Friday, March 15, 2013

Maybe I'm morbid.

Fantastic run this morning!  I knew there was a good run to come, it usually works that way.  I ran .28 in my vibrams, just down the street and back and then put my shoes on for the remainder of the run.  I can really feel it in my calves in the vibrams, which is good, and it helps me focus on my form even when I get my shoes back on. 

I ran through the graveyard again today.  I find myself there often, it's on the other side of the park.   I wonder if that makes me morbid?  Not only is it a lovely quiet place to run with no cars and a large area to run, but there's something about it that reminds me I'm alive.  It makes me appreciative.   I don't know if that's morbid, but I think about it a lot when I'm running there.  That all these people CANNOT run, and that life is short and I want to run while I can, enjoy while I can, extend my health so I can live longer...

and it's so incredibly peaceful.  It was so gorgeous this morning, and it's been a while since I could run outside, so I really took it in.  It slowed me down though, and taking pictures for the blog did as well.  Mixing my love of running, talking, AND photography on this blog may get me in trouble...or at least slow me down! ;)  I got in my 3 miles though and it felt great!  Calf soreness and a little tenderness in the feet, but no pain and that makes me happy!  Now I get to  rest work all weekend! 

huh...just realized that I use exclamation points a lot.  !!!


  1. I had a comment here and it disappeared! Basically just agreeing that a reminder of our own mortality is a good thing!

  2. "Mixing my love of running, talking AND photography on this blog may get me in trouble" - PRICELESS. And made me laugh - as in Ummm Karen, who are you talking to?

    What is your running schedule? Maybe that's your next update.

    1. I'm talking to YOU Lisa! ;) Unsure of the running schedule right now b/c of my feet. I'm working on it!

    2. You know I meant while you're running in a graveyard - supposedly ALONE. Such a picture. Laughing.

  3. Just catching up to current. :) My SIL loves running thru the cemetery by their house. Her reason is because of the hills. She frequents there so much that the groundskeeper comments to her when she hadn't been there for a few days. lol