Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm a terrible blogger, but I can run 4 miles!

I'm feeling pretty good right now, patting myself on the back for running 4 miles today!  I've only run 4 miles once before and followed it with a long injury, so this feels like a big accomplishment.  Not only that,  it was good time for me.  I did it in 44:52, which is a 11:12 pace.  I only walked for a minute two times, ran the rest straight through.  I almost started crying around 3.5 because I was so overwhelmed with being able to do it!

But, I'm a terrible blogger.  Seriously.  So, I get off the treadmill, sit down and do my stretches and then head out.  I get all the way to the door and realize I never did take a picture to capture this momentous occasion!  I seriously walked all the way back to the treadmill so I could take this picture.  AND, I was slightly embarrassed to do so because there were people on either side and I'm sure they thought I was nuts.  So I snapped it pretty quick.   A good blogger would have thought to take a picture before leaving with the ACTUAL STATS still on the machine!  LOL.  Ah well, this was my view for all 4 miles on this lovely 2nd day of SPRING?!?!?

So, I arrive home feeling pretty good and low and behold, there is a package with all sorts of fun spring/summer clothing that I ordered!  SCORE!  Bonus to losing weight, new clothes!  Not so great on the bank account, but I was due some new summery stuff!  Just to prove that I'm a horrible blogger, I took yet another horrible picture of one of my new dresses!  You can't even tell it's eyelet.  Seriously, I AM a photographer.  I swear.  Even photographers get to take crappy cell phone shots sometimes, right??? ;) 

Looks like this weekend is starting off on a good note!  I'm happy to say that my running is keeping me from going completely nuts with this weather.  Normally I would be crying and begging the weather gods to please let spring arrive, but I'm taking it in stride thanks to my endorphins.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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