Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wide-angle Wednesday

Glad it's Wide-angle Wednesday!  You KNOW I won't be posting more photos of myself, we've had enough of those to last a bit! ;)

This was one of those perfect moment shots. The stars aligned.   It was during a time when I carried my camera with me nearly everywhere I went.  I was leaving a client's house and passed a clearing and saw this little sweetie.  Grabbed my camera right off the passenger seat and got the shot.  It would have never happened otherwise.

Wide-angle Wednesday Reminder:  Please contact me if you want to use any of my photos.  I do not mind if people share/use them (love it, actually!)  but please ask first. Thanks! ~Karen


  1. Hey! I sent you a reply from the nice comment that you left on my blog. I am not sure if I have e-mail replies set up correctly on Blogger...just wondering if you got an e-mail from me. :)

    1. NO?!?!? I totally didn't! I was seriously just thinking of blogging a bunch of questions to experienced bloggers b/c I have some questions, including one about commenting to people! I comment and then on Bloglovin' (where I have all my blogs) I click that I like that post and have to go back and see if there are any replies! If I sub to the post, then I get like 100 emails from anyone that posts after me and I'm totally confused by it all. LOL. I didn't get an email at all from you?? Off to try and figure some of this out!

  2. Great picture! I tend to rarely have my camera at exactly the right moment:)