Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tempo Tuesday, not much to say...which is rare!

I did 3 miles this morning on the treadmill.  It was a pretty pathetic tempo tuesday because even though I felt like I was being super speedy, I wasn't really. Womp. womp.  It ended up being about my normal pace, but tempo should be a bit speedier.  I think speedier is a word.  Don't tell me if it isn't. ;)

I have a bit of a "strained" feeling going on behind my left knee.  It's above the knee area, not sure if it's the lower part of my hamstring or what, but it feels strained.  Not too painful, but maybe the beginning of something, so I'm sloooowwwwing it down this week.  I know my limits! Rest tomorrow and cross train on Thursday if it's still bothering me.

Other than that, I just have a picture of my Clematis vine in bloom.  My chaise lounge on the deck sits right next to it and I just love it. (because I'm not capable of posting without at least one picture!)

See...told you I didn't have much to say!  


  1. Another beautiful photo! Those flowers have such a vibrant purple color that I love!

    As for any pain, I always stretch and foam roll to help. Also, I recommend glute and core work for strength training to help keep away injury :)

  2. Thanks Lauren! I have procrastinated getting a foam roller...do I have to?!?! (said in my biggest kid whiny voice) LOL. I'm feeling better already, lots of stretching and taking it easy this afternoon.

  3. Hope your knee is ok! Knee issues are the worst! Your flowers are beautiful! :0)

  4. Your chaise lounge on the deck sounds heavenly! I hope your knee heals quickly!