Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random questions for Tempo Tuesday

I thought I would ask some random questions today that I have contemplated recently.  They aren't completely random, they are about running, but they are things I cannot write a whole blog post about but would love some feedback from other runners.  

Naturally I'm going to have to find a way to add some photos, because it wouldn't be right to have a naked post! 
 Do you wear glasses?  I do.  I'm really fairly blind without them.  How do you keep them from sliding off when running...and fogging up??  Any ideas?

 Have you ever worn a tutu in a race?  Did it drive you crazy or was it fun, fun, fun? Would you ever consider it for a half? 
Also, I know all about avoiding chafing, but how do you keep your shorts from riding up into your crotch?  This is always an issue for me?  Do you wear underwear under compression shorts?  I don't, maybe that's my problem. 

 Now that we got that awkward question out of the way!  Have you run the Princess Half or other RunDisney race?  HOW do you choose what characters to stop for?  Did you have it planned out or just wing it depending on which characters had lines?  Do you regret stopping or not stopping? 
(that is my lovely daughter Savannah with Piglet on our mother/daughter trip.  She actually had to go to the hospital yesterday, she has a tick-born illness and is recovering, but it's been a scary.)

Oooh, total noob question!  Is there a special way to put the chip timing thingie on your shoe?  I'm thinking that they will use them at my 10K and I have never used them.  The only races that I ran timed had the chip build into the bib!  I'm worried I will put it on wrong and it will fall off.  Are there instructions? 

Speaking of Disney...what's your favorite ride?  This is mine...can you guess it? Ok, that's not really a running question, but it's a Disney question, so it totally counts!

What is your favorite thing to fuel with on long runs?  I'm searching for something that I can live with, I need something at about 5 miles, I find I start to fizzle out at that point! 

And finally, the question that I cannot seem to find an answer to...

HOW do you subscribe to a COMMENT you have made on someone's blog without having to get tons of  emails from each person that responds after you?  Is this even possible?  I use Bloglovin to follow about 100 running blogs.  If I subscribe to the comments, I get hundreds of emails, but I don't know how to know if they reply to me without doing that?  So, on bloglovin, if I respond, what I do is "like" the post in my list and then I obsessively check back to see if my comment was replied to.  I'm sure I have missed out on conversations this way but have no idea what I'm doing.  Total blog noob.    How do YOU follow blogs?  Explain this to me like I'm 5.  Please.  ;) 

 Alright, that's it for now, I'm off to get my Tempo-Tuesday on!  Answer all or any of these questions...inquiring minds want to know! 


  1. Darrin and I are planning on experimenting with the gels for fuel during longer bike rides this summer. So I went to Google them, and found this site that I thought you'd like. Sorry I can't help you with any other questions because I'm more of a noob than you are!


    1. Thanks Lora! I did get a sample GU pack on Amazon that is coming, it has a few different types of fuels. We have tried the GU chomps and Dallas likes them, but they make me really thirsty and stick in my teeth, so I'm hoping I can stomach the GU gels, they seem like they would be easier to swallow when running too!

  2. I wear contacts so I can't help with the glasses question..the glasses only go on when I'm not running/at the end of the night! I wear compression shorts too and I even bought a size up to accommodate my larger quads, but they still slide up. I usually don't wear undies under my compression shorts... I haven't had any issues with chafing really after I started wearing compression shorts. I ran the Princess Half and I WISH that they would have told us what characters were out where so that I could plan. Often times I would run past a character before I could figure out who they were. I didn't stop for as many characters as I had planned, but I stopped for Pocahontas, the castle, and the Princes. The lines were really, really long for a lot of characters (like Mickey and Minnie). My favorite ride at Disney is the new Little Mermaid ride at Fantasyland.. but I'm obsessed with Ariel so that's probably why!

    I hope your daughter feels better quickly!

    1. Thanks Rachel! She's still sleeping, but I'm hoping the meds started to kick in overnight. We LOVED the new LM ride! I thought it was so well done, loved when it looks like you are going underwater. I had heard that Mickey/Minnie line was long, so I was planning on a pic with them AFTER the race, with my medal, but thought I might stop for the Princes and the Pirates? The castle and Main Street are MUST DO, in fact, those are just a given...not sure if I will stop for any others. I really should get contacts, but with my furry kids in this house, I end up getting hair stuck under them and irritated eyes.

  3. 1. Yup, I do wear glasses... for races I wear contacts though. If they are sliding around, I would get them adjusted to fit your face a little tighter. I don't have any tips for fogginess though, mine do that too and I can't figure out how to stop it lol!

    2. No tutu for me, I much prefer running skirts! (TJ Maxx/Marshalls always have fantastic deals and cute running skirts to choose from)

    3. Shorts riding up doesn't really bother me that much, I just use bodyglide and I'm good!

    4. For the Princess Half, I KNEW I had to get pics with the Princes, Villains, Rapunzel, and Cinderella (all of these lines were long, ugh). Everything else was just like OOOOH line is not too bad, I think I'll stop! Depending on your mile/minute, you have plenty of time for pics :) And I regret absolutely none of my stops!

    4. Shoe chip timers usually (in my experience) always have directions on the back of the timer.

    5. Tower of Terror, Rock n' Roller Coaster, and Expedition Everest!

    6. http://laurensglassslipper.blogspot.com/2013/04/laurens-picks-race-fuel.html

    7. I have no idea, that's how I follow my blogs/comments too LOL

    1. ROTFLOL! Well, at least I'm not the only one Lauren! ;) Ooooh, forgot about the Villains! I'm not worried about being swept b/c I cannot see myself stopping for THAT many shots and I'm hoping to be in a decent corral based on my 10K time. I'm off to look at your fuel picks and it looks like we love the same rides...except ToT! *shudder* I hate drops, so I'm scared to try it! LOL!

    2. You should totally ride TOT it is SO fun! :)

      Also, regarding the fuel, if you can't find Vi Fuel in your area, Honey Stinger gels would be my 2nd pick for gels (fruit punch flavor - the vanilla ones are gross lol)

    3. I HATE drops though! I'm so scared! Like seriously, I cannot stand Splash b/c of that ONE drop. I freak out the whole hourlong ride until that drop. EE is my favorite but I think that's b/c the drop in EE turns as it goes down, I LOVE that! We rode it over and over last trip. I didn't realize Honey Stinger made gels, I had only heard about their waffles. I'll have to look into those!

  4. Oooh, totally can't wait to see if you get some answers on the glasses- remember I asked you this question!!! :) I think I'm going to need to bite the bullet and get a pair of contacts just for the race. Although I will regret it I bet with a monster headache after the run. I just don't know what else to do.... I can't run 13.1 miles with my glasses on- it won't work. And I can't take them off because I am running DISNEY.. hello.. I NEED to see it!!! Currently shopping for a pair of shorts so can't help you there. I'm even more of a newbie..so I will just bottom feed off the answers you get! I am wearing a tutu I think for my Wine & Dine. (got my Cheshire Cat Shirt yesterday!!!) and my favorite rides are Everest, ToT, Peter Pan & Spaceship Earth. :)

    1. Ahhh. Peter Pan! I CRY every time I ride it and I HAVE to ride it first. I don't feel like I'm really at Disney until I do. *sigh*

      Yep, I may have to get contacts for the race as well. I can wear my sunglasses (I think I will need them?) but what will I do before the sun comes up? Ugh. AND, if I wear contacts then I cannot wear my script sunglasses, but I guess I could buy regular ones. I saw someone once say something about rubbing soap on your glasses to keep them from fogging, but I must be dense...wouldn't that make them impossible to see through?? LOL

  5. I wear contacts because I can't stand having anything on my face. Even running in the blinding sun, I prefer to grin and bear it than wear sunglasses. Any kind of glasses just don't stay on. So I'm no help there. :/
    I haven't worn a tutu... yet. I'm considering it for the 10k for Dumbo. I don't think I could do it for a half though. It would probably drive me crazy. ;)
    As for the shorts.... I have a skirt from Raw Threads that has compression shorts built in. I don't wear panties with them and well... I have the same issue you do. But I also think panties make it worse. LOL
    I've done the DL 1/2 twice, but have never stopped for pictures. I'm a little obsessive about my time, so that's what the 10k is for this year! I would decide ahead of time which characters are a must. But IMO, if you have even the slightest urge to stop for a character, do it! I'd rather have gotten the picture than regretted it later.
    Fav Disney ride is probably Big Thunder at Disneyland. Brings back childhood memories. :)
    I fuel with Clif Shots. A little chewy and you definitely need water with them, but I don't like the consistency of gels or GU.
    With the blog comments... I have no idea. I just check back compulsively. Which is exactly what I will be doing with this post. LOL

    1. LOL! Ok, I don't know whether to totally feel better that other people just check back or to feel completely freaked out b/c I get stressed when someone replies that I'm not replying FAST enough and they won't see it! Even more to obsess about! :p LOVE Big Thunder, especially at night! So much fun! I have never tried gels, so it will be interesting! I even tried fig newtons, but too much chewing. I can't breath right, eat, and run at the same time, so I'm hoping I don't hate the gels!

    2. I know what you mean about breathing, eating, and running at the same time! I can't do it! I have to walk for water or fuel breaks. :)

  6. Haha I love these questions!
    #1 Yes I do wear glasses, but I wear contacts for running so I can't help you out there!
    #2 I wore a tutu for Princess last year. I wore it over my running skirt so I had no trouble with chafing or anything riding up. The tutu didn't bother me at all during the race!
    #3 During Disney races, I like to stop for characters I've never seen before, or haven't stopped with during a prior Disney race. For Princess last year, we stopped with EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER except maybe 1 and it took FOREVER, like 4hours to finish the half. I haven't done that again since, but it was fun! For Goofy's Challenge, I winged it. If the line was super long, I didn't stop. If it was shorter and I never took a pic with those characters before, I stopped. We still took a TON of pictures during Goofy, though!
    #4 The bib chip timing thing will be fine - it's attached pretty good to the bib so you shouldn't have any problems!
    #5 My favorite Disney ride is Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest! Love yours!! :0)
    #6 I fuel with GU but am looking for other more natural things out there. Haven't experimented yet so we will see!
    #7 I use blog lovin also, but I have no solution for your issue with emails! Sorry! :0/
    Have a great day!! :0)

    1. Thanks Karen!! Have I ever told you I love your name? ;)

      EVERY.SINGLE.CHARACTER!!! OMG! Wow. I might not make it to the finish! LOL! I don't think I will stop when it's dark still, I know that. I also have to figure out what I am going to do about a camera! My phone takes pretty good pictures, but it's not super easy to use, so if I hand it to a CM, I'm afraid they won't be able to use it very well. The marathonphoto peeps are at every character as well as all over the race? It's expensive, right? 100$ for a Cd or something? (which is not expensive in my book, but I'm a photographer, so I value photos a bit more! LOL)

  7. First off I want to say I hope Savannah is doing alright, that is pretty scary stuff.
    Now to (hopefully) answer some questions! Sorry it’s long.
    1) I don’t wear glasses but I wear sunglasses when I run. I find that as long as I have ventilation, they won’t fog up. You can also do what they do for goggles and (this may be gross to others) spit on the inside of the lenses and rub it dry. That keeps goggles from fogging up, it might help you!

    2) I have not worn a tutu, but I wear sparkle skirts and they are SO comfortable, you don’t even feel them on!

    3) As for compression shorts riding up, I get my shorts from Brooks that has the no-slip grip on the inside of the legs. I thrown some deodorant or Body Glide on inbetween my legs, slip those shorts on and they do. not. budge!!!

    4) I ran the Princess this year and I had non-negotiable picture stops. Princes, Pirates, Villians and Castle. Everything else was gravy. There were a couple I wish I had gotten, a pic with Mickey and Minnie at the Castle, Alice and the Mad Hatter in front of the Tea Cups, just to name a couple. But the lines were long and I had already waited in a 20 minute line for the Villians and a 15 minute line for the Princes.

    5) There are instructions for timing chip application when you receive it in your packet. Usually there are zip ties that you thread through the chip and you adhear it to your laces, or it is a reflective strip that you feed through your laces and it stays put. However runDisney uses the ChronoTrack B-tag timing system which has their chips on the back of the bib, so there is no chip to put on your shoes.

    6) Is that Thunder Mountain? My favorite ride…that is so tough. I’m a sucker for Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan. Those are my go-to rides every time I go to Disney!

    7) My favorite fuel is all over the place! I have about 4 fuels that I go between; Hammer gels – they don’t give me a sugar crash like other gels to and they have really good flavors; Mocha Clif Shots – I love the flavor and coffee boost it gives, only bummer is the crash at the end; ENERGYbits – it is all natural fuel and even though you don’t feel a “boost” you aren’t as fatigued during your run as you normally might be; Pocketfuel – it’s a nut butter in small packs that you can eat as fuel, it provides real food for your body to produce into fuel, the espresso one packs an energy punch!

    8) As for the comments, I have no clue. I’m sure it may have something to do with how the blogger has their rules set up on responses and not something you are able to adjust as a commenter.

    1. Thanks Lena! Savannah is feeling better today but will be on antibiotics for 2 weeks and cannot go in the sun...which is torture for her. Luckily the pool isn't open yet or she would be miserable.

      I LOVE long responses, no need to apologize!!!

      The shorts don't ride up my legs, they just dig into my...uh...crotch area! I'm not sure what the deal is with that. Maybe I'm strange shaped. I wore a sparkle skirt the other day in the 5K and it rode up my waist a bit. My sparkle TECH skirt/shorts, however, do not do that and I love them. I was actually thinking of wearing a sparkle skirt AND a tutu! LOL! Might be a bit much! ;)

      Hmmmm...I didn't realize Alice & Mad Hatter were by the tea cups, that might trump the villains AND princes! Or maybe the villians will trump the princes and I'll keep the pirates and tea cups. So many choices! Do you know of where I can find a list of the characters that are normally out?

      The picture is EE! I love Big Thunder as well, but EE is my favorite thrill ride. Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, and Big Thunder come in about tied after that...

      The mocha clif shots sounds good! Hmmmm...so many choices! I'm going to go broke trying them. I am getting a kona kase once a month, maybe they will have a good variety of stuff for me to test out.

  8. Fun questions!
    I don't wear glasses when I run, but I have done sunglasses many times. I heated mine up over some boiling water, and bent the sides in a little so they are tight on my face. (Ya probably not smart with an expensive pair:( I use cheap ones:)

    I haven't wore a tutu, but I would! I'd probably either make one, or cut one so nothing annoyed me when I run with it.

    I don't have the problem with shorts riding up, but there are a few ways to prevent it. If it's a compression short, you can buy the ones (Mine are Nike) that have the tighter grab at the bottom of the hem. But 2nd, because chaffing is annoyingly common. I just cake on the vaseline before I run:) When I am in a marathon, I tape a few items to the back of my bib one is a small baggie of extra vaseline for those moments of need:) But ya I wear underwear, I think that would help ya!

    I ran a different Disney race, I did the Disney World Florida Marathon. I was attempting to go for a specific time, so I didn't stop for the characters. But I saw a lot of runners do it. I say do it if you want to! I'm kinda odd, I hate stopping for anything other than drinks and the occasional dreaded port-o-pottie visit, LOL. But if I remember correctly I think after the race I stopped for a few photo's with some:)

    Timing chips are super simple, don't worry about it at all. There are instructions, and the volunteers would be more than happy to show you if needed. Don't worry about them coming off either. I ran 26.2 miles with one on my shoe through downpour rains and hail and treading through a foot of water at times. The thing never budged:)

    Indiana Jones Ride, Love that one! But the Tea Cups are a close 2nd:)

    As odd as this will sound, I have no suggestions on race fuel. I don't use any, I have tried a few and nothing has tasted good enough for me to want to actually eat:( But I do enjoy pretzels and the occasional hard candy treat (Jolly Ranchers, Dum Dum Suckers) toward the last miles of the race:)

    Can't help you with blog lovin. I bet there is a select, or de-select button somewhere on the comments.. There has to be.. right??? Good luck!
    In the past, I make a list of blogs.. Ya old school.. I try to make it to all my favorite blogs at least once a week that way:) Saying that in writing is making me realize I need to find a better way:)

    1. You would think there would be a better way to organize them by response or something! I do love Bloglovin' and how it shows me all the blogs I'm following and whether they have any new posts...but it does not keep track of the ones I have responded to.

      Thanks for all the answers! I just got a multi-pack of GU fuels to try, I must find something, I find at around 4.5-5 miles I start to lose all energy and not just tired, but it feels physical, like I need something. When I get a few calories in me, suddenly I can go longer, so I'm going to try these out and see how they work!

  9. Hi Karen,
    I just wanted to stop in and say I like your blog. I don't really have much to add as far as your questions go, but I'll still answer just for fun.

    1. I don't wear glasses
    2. I have never worn a tutu to run it, but I have worn cute running skirts ( or at least I think they are cute, ha) I did read about a girl who wore one in the Princess half and she said it rubbed her arms the whole time she ran. Alway practice running in your tutu or custome before the actual race.
    3.I don't have a problem with the shorts situation.
    4. Our first Disney race we ever ran, we were determined that we were not going to stop. If we were running, we were going to run and get a good time ( that is the point afterall right?) With that being said, right before the race started we met some girls that had ran before and took their advice. They said have fun with it, stop and get pictures. So we did and we had an absolute blast. but now that we have done that once, character pics arent such a big deal. I could take them or leave them. I'd rather have a pic with the characters after i've received my medal.
    5. ( ok, I hope these answers are in the right order) Disney ride: my fav is Soarin.
    6. timing Chip: Can just lace around your shoe strings. It's easy.
    7. I don't use any fuel. ( I know I should hydrate a lot more than I do)
    8. Also newish to blogging and have no idea about the comments. Sorry you aren't having any luck with this question.

    1. Hi Meranda! I'm glad you replied, I had not come across your blog yet! I liked you on FB and followed you with Bloglovin'! That's what I was thinking about the characters, that I would rather have pictures with my medal...but then again, I'm going to have a cute outfit, I guess I want a couple. I don't want a ton though, so hopefully I will be able to choose just a few that I want.

  10. Thanks for finding us on FB! What is Bloglovin and how do you use it?

    1. I found Bloglovin' when I saw someone mention that blogreader was going away (I had no idea what blogreader was to begin with! LOL) In any case, You can find ANY blog there, just put it in the search, and if no one has found that blog before you can put the web address and it will add it. THEN, it lists all the blogs for you and shows you when they have new posts! This way you don't have to go to each blog to check, you can just go to Bloglovin' and it lists which blogs have new posts. I love it! Bloglovin.com