Thursday, April 4, 2013

Theoretical Thursday

I'll have you know I went searching for words that started with TH until I came upon one that fit what I wanted to blog about today.  ;)

My theory:

I push too hard.  It does not matter how much self-talk, plan, or discuss.  I do it anyway.   I actually didn't think I was pushing too hard when I ran with Dallas on Tuesday?  I never think I'm pushing too hard, I think that's the problem.  I ran 15 miles last week, which to most runners is nothing, but it was the most I have ever run in a week.  So, 2 days after a 5 miler, I ran a 4 miler with my son on an indoor track.  My calves are STILL in pain.  He's sore as well, so I know it must have been something about our faster pace or the material of the track???

Regardless, I'm hobbling around, unable to run and not even feeling comfortable with biking today.  My right calf feels almost...injured.  I'm sure it will be fine with REST and so here I am again, resting, because I pushed too hard.  This time I have decided to just give in and stop fighting it.

Don't misunderstand, I'll do a full upper body workout today at home and get my cross training done!  My arms don't hurt...yet!  LOL!  I'm supposed to run tomorrow, but may even wait until Saturday.  How's THAT for self-control?!

I AM learning to accept that I need to go slower.  It's a battle in my brain and it's hard sometimes when I read blogs where people are running 10 miles a DAY and I'm lucky to get 2 runs a week, but in time I will get where I want to be...IF I learn to listen and slow down.

So that's my theory today and I'm stickin' to it! least until tomorrow when I'm supposed to run...

Question:  Has anyone had trouble running on a more "cushy" surface like an indoor track?  I'm thinking that is where the calf pain came from, but it could also have been from our speed/racing we were doing a couple times???


  1. The only cushy surface I run on is the treadmill, but I do notice a difference in my legs in running on the treadmill vs running outside on a concrete path. My legs always feel better after running outside!

    Some things I notice when my legs start bothering me is when I do speedwork and forget that I need to concentrate on my form a lot more otherwise my tired body will struggle more and do more bad form. Also lots of stretching before/after runs helps me too. :0)

    Good luck on your Saturday run!! You go girl!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I have never had issues like this on the treadmill, but the track just felt different and I have never run 4 miles on it. I do think running so fast I may have just extended my heel down more and since I have only been running in these minimal shoes for a little over a month, maybe that's where the calf pain came from. When I first started running in them I was sore too, but then it got better, so this was unexpected!

  3. Oh ok, I didn't realize you ran in the minimalist shoes! Props to you, I have heard that it's tough to get used to! From what I have read/talked to others about, leg pain is common with the minimalist shoes (at least at the beginning).

    How are you liking the minimalist shoes, by the way?

    1. I LOVE them! I had plantar fasciitis all last year and I have no foot pain running in them. They are not zero drop, they are 4mm, Brooks Pure Flows, and I will definitely take some calf pain over all the foot pain I had last year in my old shoes. With how much pain my calves are in right now, I'm glad I didn't go straight for zero drop! I do have some vibrams, but I can only run up the street, not barely .25 mile before my calves start hurting in those!

  4. I haven't used an indoor track but I definitely "feel" the transition from the concrete of my usual path to the softer outdoor track where I head if I'm out at night, and even moreso on trails (dirt/leaves). It is almost as though different parts of the calf get worked on the softer surfaces.

    I have the opposite problem with the minimalist shoes; I keep hearing that they take time to get used to, but for me the soreness comes if I head out in my hikers or crosstrainers. I guess I spend too much time barefoot or something because my New Balance Minimus (4mm drop) are the only shoes that didn't come with a long adjustment period.

    1. I thought I was adjusting to them pretty well, I think I just wasn't thinking about the surface of the track OR the speedwork we did. I hope to move to zero drop eventually, I know once these Pure Flows need to be replaced I will get a different shoe. The reviews I have seen of the Pure Flow 2's are that they are not at all the same. I think 4mm was a good way to transition down...but I have to remember to slow myself down sometimes!