Thursday, April 25, 2013

Broccoli Knees

Oh yea, you get to read through all my rambling before you find out what THAT means!  ;)

Today was a long run.  I have been looking forward to it and dreading it for different reasons.  I was looking forward to it because I wanted to run 6 miles in hopes that it would alleviate my nerves about registering for the 10K in June!  I was not looking forward to it b/c my trusty running partner is having some issues lately.  He doesn't read this blog, but I guess if he ever ran across it, I'm not sharing anything that is too personal.  I hope. 

Dallas has been having a string of "bad runs".  From the outside, it looks like he's getting in his head a bunch and expecting perfection.  Maybe he expects too much, but I don't think that is all that's going on.  He doesn't care for running outside and has run his longest miles on the treadmill.  He ran 6 miles about 2 weeks ago and now cannot seem to even get to 3 without stopping with some issue.  His shins will bother him, he will get bad stitches in his sides or he will just say he can't go any further.  I have tried to support him and I'm just unsure what to say or do, this morning he actually said that I was NOT helping by talking to him about how you can get in your head.  *sigh*

So, after having run on the treadmill twice, I urged him to run long outside with me just once this week.  I parked in the middle of the trail (paved) that we were running so that we could run out 1.5 and then back so we could grab a drink at 3 miles from the car and then run the other direction for another 3.  We started off slow, but I was determined to keep the pace really slow so he didn't feel he was pushing too much.  It was much slower than I have been running, around 11:30-11:45 pace.  I even got a picture while running!  My least blurry run-shot yet.  They are usually a blurry mess, but I've been practicing. (gotta be able to take pictures during the PHM...I plan ahead!) ;)

It was a chilly start, but I was getting in my groove and warming up  as we headed back for the 2nd 1.5 miles.  Then, around 2.68, he stopped.  (I stopped the Garmin too)  He had a stomach ache and needed to go to the bathroom.  I suggested we drive to the gas station and then finish the other 3 miles, but he didn't want to.  Said his run was ruined, that he needed more treadmill work, he couldn't run outside...he was just so defeated and I felt so bad. 

I drove him home and 20 minutes later I hit the start up button on the Garmin and continued my run, just at home in our neighborhood.  Oooooh, it hurt!  I guess that 15-20 minutes it took to drive home and head back out really did a number on my legs b/c I was pretty sore starting back up.  I really needed to do this though, so I just decided to enjoy my run and not look at the Garmin for a while.  No worries about pace or distance, just running.  I think I had a permanent grin most of the time and eventually the soreness left me and I just enjoyed the sunshine! 

When I got close to 5 miles I realized that I had not really drank anything and had definitely not refueled for this long run.  Uh-oh.  Well, too late now, I was nearly there!  I pushed through and headed back towards home and I think I hit the wall!  It was funny b/c in my head it went something like this:

"Is this the wall?"
"Yep, I think this is the wall."
"wait, you aren't supposed to be excited about hitting the wall"
"but I can blog about it!"
"Ugh. I don't think I can go another inch.  It's like running in mud."
"just keep moving, slow down, but just keep on.  One foot in front of another..."
"I'm totally blogging about this."

I loafed along, thinking I might just passout or trip and fall on my face.  At some point a train went by, I was running parallel to it and the driver honked to me!  I waved and that perked me up and I kept going.  I couldn't cross the tracks because of the train, so I turned around and continued to run, seeing that I was at 6 miles and realizing that I could get to 6.2!

I crossed the tracks after the train was gone and headed towards out driveway, only to end up in the driveway at 6.18.  I was annoyed, but I walked almost a half a mile with Dallas with the Garmin off, so I'm calling it close enough!  LOL

I walked inside, opened the fridge and grabbed my gallon water jug but lost my balance and dropped the jug on the floor, spilling it everywhere and calling out to Rey at the same time.  Down to the floor I went with my water and I just sat and rested. It was probably a little over-dramatic, but  my knees were screaming at me and I just needed to sit for a minute.  I asked Rey for something to put on my knees and he reached  in the freezer and handed me frozen broccoli.  It felt awesome.  

 Rey was determined to get a sweaty picture of me, (I think he thinks I only post good pictures on my blog) so I obliged.  

My knees are still a bit sore this afternoon, but they just feel like I worked them hard, not injured.  I feel like I pushed myself right to my limit and it feels awesome! 

Have you ever had to try and support and lift someone up (figuratively)  when they were having trouble with their running?  What would you do if someone you loved was struggling with running while you were doing the complete opposite and growing in leaps and bounds?


  1. that's a great question. one i just dont know the answer to. I am the weakest runner in my group, and the one that everyone seems to need to lift up all the time. I know what works for me is distraction. I ask people to tell me stories or sing me songs or anything to get me out of my head. a little random discussion helps. And when I say that's it, enough it enough, they distract me. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. but part of our style is that when it isnt working, they need to be made aware. and as long as i keep up my end, they keep up theirs. and we all progress forward... them with the understanding that they can leave me behind at any time in pursuit of their own PRs.

    1. Thanks for the insight Amy! It helps a bit. He likes to listen to music, so it's hard to distract him when he has a headset on, but I may try. He says that the reason he can run on the treadmill is that he zones out and when he's outside he cannot do that, so maybe talking would work...or ME talking. We ran a few weeks ago and chatted, but he said it made him have side stitches to talk and made it too hard. I think it's doubly hard b/c he's my son and I'm not sure I can leave him behind to pursue my own PR.

  2. Perhaps he needs to not feel pressured to talk at all, but to zone out to his music. Or maybe download an interesting book to his ipod; it might make it more engaging and then he wouldn't focus on the outside issues so much. At any rate, congrats on your discipline and determination! Princess is so much fun - you'll love it!

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm so excited about the race, but it seems so far away! That's a good thing though b/c 13.1 seems like so much when I had to push to do 6.2!

  3. Sorry this run was such a mess! I bet those frozen veggies felt good! Definitely looks soothing. To answer your question yes, I have had this happen in the past to me. With a little encouragement, they were able to pick back up and get back out there, they just needed that little push...

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm hoping that if I just stay positive, he will find a way to push through this and to be honest, he will feel better if he finds a way to overcome it on his own. It's just hard as a mother AND runner to watch. We're headed to the gym today and I will cross train and let him do his thing on the treadmill. Maybe he just needs to build up the confidence on the treadmill and then he will be able to transition to outside better?

  4. I have friends who are dealing with injuries or just starting up running and getting discouraged, so I've been trying to encourage them since I've been running for a few years (not long enough to be an expert) and have dealt with my fair share of injuries. They say that I have been helping them, but sometimes I just feel "preachy," especially since I haven't really been running that long! I hate the treadmill, so I would never be able to just give up running outside and run on the treadmill! Luckily, I live in FL and we can run outside almost all year I've been blessed in that regard! Just keep your head up and don't get defeated yourself! Maybe he just needs to take a break from all running so that way he begins to appreciate the ability to run and gets back his love of running.

    1. That was what I was trying to convey to him yesterday...that he should be focused on what he LOVES about running, not all the negative, but I couldn't find a way to talk to him without sounding like a preachy-mom. He wants to run MORE, not less, but he wants to do it on the TM, so I guess I will just try to facilitate that. It's hard not to take it on since he's my son and I seem to think that everything he feels is MY issue! LOL

  5. I don't really have a running buddy close by me, but I did encourage a good friend to run the Princess Half with me this year, and now she is addicted to running too and she is doing the Tower of Terror with me and my hubby in October!

    Also, I think I laughed so hard while reading your internal conversation while running!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Happy Friday to you too Lauren! LOL... I swear, I have all kinds of internal talks about how I have to blog stuff now. ;)