Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly wrap-up and Superhero 5K!

I'm doing them together b/c my wrap-up is really JUST the 5K!  I didn't run at all this week until the race and I'm happy to report that I did run and there was no pain from my heel bursitis!  Yay!!!  The 5K was Superhero themed and the proceeds all went to The American Cancer Society, so this time Savannah decided to join in and see if her friends were interested.  She followed Talia Joy Castellano and was really sad when she passed away.  We thought this would be a nice way to honor her memory and contribute a little.  Dallas and I had no trouble getting up and dawning our Superhero gear, but Savannah isn't used to these early mornings. It took a bit to get her up and she looks a wee bit tired in  the photos! LOL. 

Bonus!  My BFF was there so I had a personal photographer.  I even got lucky and she forgot her memory card so she used my camera.  Even easier! ;)   It seemed like we were going to get off to a late start but they gathered up everyone pretty quickly at 9am and started.  Pretty late race for August.

The race shirts were cute (you can see them, the blue ones, in the shots)  I decided to run and see how my heel felt.  I think the Wonder Woman costume helped. I'll admit, Rey thought I was walking.  I told him afterwards that I had run, but I just didn't want to hear it before the race. 

   Hope got this shot of us taking off and look who is next to me!  She was the only other woman dressed as Wonder Woman.  Love it!

You can see how I taped in this next shot, on my right leg.  I went up from the heel and also across it (in the shoe where you can't see).  I think it helped.

I thought we were taking it easy taking off, but Dallas says we didn't.  All I know is I had a huge grin on my face b/c I was running!  There was no pain and I was so excited.   The girls were walking the race, although I was told they ran a few times as well.  Savannah said she actually liked running more because of the breeze...yep, planting the seed! 

The race was on a mostly flat paved trail and then back up the road and it's somewhere I run normally, so it was nice to not worry about where I was going or the route.  They had posted it previous to the race, so I knew where I was going, which was great.  At each mile marker they had fun signs like "SHAZAM! 1 Mile!"  and "KABOOM! 2 Miles!", that was really cute.  

It was pretty hot but they had a water station at 1.5 and I got in a small water fight with Dallas as we ran.  I love running with him!  He was on his game and after a slight mishap where he thought his mp3 player was going to die, I was chasing him the whole race!    Me, on the other hand, not so much.  It wasn't the heel, although I was nervous to push it, so I tried not to go to fast.  It was my lungs.  After a few weeks with only 1 run, my lungs were not happy.  I got a stitch in my side, which I get occasionally, but I just couldn't settle into my breathing like I usually do.  I was so happy to be running though, I just didn't really care.  I walked a couple times to catch my breath and then continued on.  Dallas got quite a bit ahead of me by the end, over a minute.  He PR'd!  I was so happy for him, he said everything just went right this race and I'm so glad.  He's had some issues the last couple races.  No PR for me, but I didn't expect one.  33:20 was good enough for me!

The girls came in quite a bit later and I know at least 2 out of the 3 said "never again" after crossing the finish.  LOL.  Notice the capes are all off as well.  They chattered about the race afterwards for a long time though, so I know they had fun and maybe in the future.  I can only hope a little seed was planted. evil plan.  

I call this the "I don't understand why she actually likes these things?" face.  LOL

I took my shoe off right after the race and my heel feels ok.  It doesn't hurt, but there's some tenderness and I'm not about to push on it to see if it hurts more.  I suspect more rest this week until it completely heals.  

Oh and for those of you that are Disney lovers, I made my ADR's this morning for the trip!  Got everything I wanted and we're eating in the Castle for dinner after the race!!! WOOT! 

So, have you ever run injured or on the mend?  Do your kids run races with you?  I got 1 our of 3, but I plan to convert the others eventually! If you are going in February, did you make your ADR's?!?!  Where are you eating??


  1. OK, the final pic is a CLASSIC!!! You couldn't have posed that face any better :-) So glad it worked out for you and you're feeling better. Great time either way---especially for not running during the week. Keep it up, the countdown has BEGUN!!!
    We're doing Be Our Guest for celebratory dinner!

    1. We loved BOG for lunch, that's a great place for your celebratory dinner! I am so excited to eat in the castle...heehee, we'll both be in different castles. ;)

  2. LOL, I love her face (I've got a 14 year old so I'm very familiar with that expression). Awesome that she gave it a try and that she had some friends with her. I did Expedition Everest with my son and he did ok but didn't get "bitten" by the running bug. I'm going to see if he'll do the Color Me Rad with me in October and maybe it will take that time.

    And I'm totally ashamed to say that I don't have any hotels or ADR's booked for Princess! I am planned-out from Wine & Dine, Tink & our family week-long trip to Disney at Thanksgiving. We'll have to do an out of character for me trip with last minute planning because I just don't have it in me to make any more Disney Decisions right now! Awesome that you got the ones you wanted! I did get two Be Our Guest reservations for the night before my birthday and the night of my birthday (which is also Thanksgiving), so I'm pretty happy about that.

    Glad your heel did so well and that you had a fun race! Great job!!

  3. I know how you are feeling !!! Life happened last week and I was unable to run (and my allergies had been killing me). I did a 5k mud run yesterday and thought I was going to die the entire time, I COULD NOT BREATH !!! I was amazed at how bad I felt and it had only been 1 week since my last run. I made a mental note to never let myself go more than 2 days without running while training for the GSC because I tend to go backwards when I do :/ Glad you got out there and Yay for no pain ! You rock and are such an inspiration for me !

    1. Thank you Trish! I knew I might have some trouble but it worried me for Princess Half training. How can I taper and not run a long run for 2 weeks and then run 13? It's like your body just forgets after a week, it's a scary thought!

  4. That race looked like a blast! ( It was nice to see some folks wearing the blue race shirts...hehe)
    Glad to see Savannah is up and feeling good after her surgery last week! I'm sure she doesn't "get" running now, but hopefully she will! When I was younger everyone told me that I should run track in school but I never did because I never saw the point in running around in circles! It's just seemed silly to me. Now I get it!!

    As for ADR, funny enough we never make ADR's on our family trips yet we still are able to get into the restaurants we wanted to eat at ( I wouldn't recommend this, it's just that we are pretty flexible folks). However, when it was just my husband and I traveling I know we've made ADR three times. It all seems to work out though!

    1. Bwahahahaaaaaaaaa! Ok, the race shirt comment made me laugh out loud! Yep, not only did a lot of people wear them (in my area, lots of people wear them all the time) but some of the people that placed first in their ages plus the guy that placed overall first had his on. Don't have to be a noob or slow to wear them. ;)

      Ah, I'm a planning fanatic, so I have to have my adr's on 180 days. Some day I'll learn to wing it! LOL

  5. A race, no heel pain, Superheroes, AND it benefitted ACS! Love love love it! Great job!!

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you look fabulous!!! I love your outfit! <3 You certainly are Wonder Woman! I'm glad you had such a good time, you deserve that after all the stress you've been having with your heel. So awesome!

    And no I have yet to do any reservations. I haven't fully paid off Wine and Dine or Marathon Weekend yet...eeeeeee I need to hit lotto I think!

    <3 <3 <3 I'm so pumped you are getting everything set though, it helps it sink in :)


  7. Awwww, I love the group pic at the beginning. You all look adorable!

  8. How much fun! So cute, love that you're all in costume!
    Sorry you've been dealing with heel pain, hopefully it's on the mend! Prolonged injuries are something I wish no one:) I don't think it's good to run while your injured, but I DO think it's okay to run while your on the mend, as long as paying attention to what your body tells ya:) Congrats to you all on the fun race and finish!

  9. Love the outfit! Great job on the 5k! I'm glad that your heel didn't give you too much trouble. :) Hopefully it's smooth sailing to a quick recovery.

  10. Such cute costumes!! Love the whole concept of this race, and I bet those mile marker signs were very entertaining! Happy to hear your heel is doing better!

    I bet you planted a running seed that will grow expontentially over a lifetime :)