Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It's too bad Wide-angle Wednesday didn't fall on Halloween, I'm sure to have more interesting photos tomorrow!  My week has quieted down and I have been able to get some much needed things done around the house this week.  Last night I had a fun time with my girl, we watched a live stream from Madison Square Garden.  Ed Sheeran was performing and even though the feed was blurry and not the best quality, but if I couldn't take my girl to see her favorite artist his first time at MSG, this was at least a way to experience it.  He was fabulous, as always.  Seriously talented.  We laid on my bed watching and singing along.  Ok, there may have been a few tears shed when he sang a new song no one has ever heard.  It was beautiful.

Eleanor is over today, the first thing the girls did when she got here was take their extra chains off the countdown chain.  It's been sorely neglected for days and days, so they were pretty shocked at how short it is already!  114 days until we leave...which means 116 days until I run!  Savannah's face, reflects how I feel about that! 

She's actually making the face because it seems to be coming so quickly and she doesn't think she has enough souvenir money saved up yet.   Since I've already shared a few of my Halloween shots from WDW, HERE, (why did I do that way back in August?? no clue) I had to search for a few more I could share since I think I should have a little Halloween spirit in this post! 116 days until I run through the castle!

A couple more Hallowishes shots: 

I'm excited for the 10K on Saturday morning but a little bummed that I'm going to be all alone.  It's early and the kids will be sleeping, Dallas decided not to run, and Rey is out of town.  Suddenly the free beer for finishers doesn't sound as fun if I'm going to be all alone.  I realized, talking to Rey, that someone has been at every single one of my races. I've never gone completely alone, so this will be a new experience for me!  I'm still pretty excited, I haven't raced since August and I was injured at the time AND, this is my Run-iversary!  This was my first official 5K race I did a year ago, and for my Run-iversary I'm running the 10K. 

Happy Halloween!  Anyone else have races this weekend?  Do you usually have your support with you or do you do some races completely solo? 


  1. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to run a 10k with you this weekend!! I race alone most of the time. I can't seem to convert my family and friends into my running craziness. My family spectates on occasion, but with a preschooler it is just too much trouble to entertain him since I have to get there early, then wait to race, then race, then enjoy the after-run festivities. I'm often gone 3-4 hours and unless there is a great playground there, he's just going to melt down. On the rare occasions I get to race with a friend, I really enjoy it though. People tend to be really friendly if you reach out at a race, but I'm just too introverted! Good luck on your race!!!

    1. I'm introverted as well, I cannot just start talking to people, I get so awkward! LOL...another thing we have in common April. ;)

  2. Happy Run-iversary!!! Good luck on your 10K - you're gonna rock it :0)

    Your Hallo-wishes shots are gorgeous, you truly have a gift!

  3. Most of the 5Ks I've done I was alone and my guys didn't meet me until the end of my 10K. It'll be okay! I actually enjoy the quiet time to myself before things start. You can either chat with people (look for someone else alone who looks like they need it) or just listen to some music. I find it really hard to approach others too, so I tend to just people watch and listen to my music or a podcast. I've never felt out of place alone or like I had to force myself to talk to someone, so it definitely an introvert friendly experience. You'll do great!