Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekly wrap-up

1 mile.  Yep, I ran a whopping ONE.MILE. this week. LOL.  I'm ok with it (for now), I did some cross training and I'm in a "hopeful mood" about my heel healing.  (I giggle every time I put heel & heal in the same sentence...yes, I'm 13.) 

Monday-16.3 mile bike ride
Tuesday-strength training & 1 mile via flip flop (indoor track)
Thursday-LOTS of strength training
Friday-tons of walking(shopping with my girl)
Saturday & Sunday-more rest

All in all, it really was not a horrible week, considering I couldn't run.  It could have been much worse (emotionally/mentally).  I think the week got better as I went along.  Friday was probably the most fun, we went into the city for a dentist appointment and a girly shopping day. 
(yes, I'm going to blog about shopping...if I can't run?!?...)  

 For those of you that don't know, I live 100 miles from Saint Louis (grew up in STL and moved out here 9 years ago) in a very rural area, we basically have a Walmart.  Blech!  So, I miss going to Target and the mall most of all.  We brought E, Savannah's friend, along for some shopping fun! 

 Yes, it's true, even escalators are fun for us country-folk.  

Target was the first stop, I had a date with the active wear!  I bought another razorback shirt I love, just in a different color. 

 Oh and can I just say?  Is my kid growing superfast or what?  I took a picture of Savannah and realized that she's already changed in the last few months! Compare February to now. 

My mind is blown.  She's going to be 13 next month but I feel like she's 16!  Ack! I digress...

So, had a fabulous day, had some Starbucks, walked a TON and wasn't too sore, and had some quality time with my girl.  After taking E home, we went out to dinner alone, it was so nice!  She even obliged and took a selfie with me!

So, I feel pretty good about this week, considering I can't run.  I have been a little clumsier?  A little forgetful too, I'm wondering if that is somehow because I'm not running/getting those endorphins?  In any case, I'm not wallowing on the couch with ice cream, so I call it a good week!  

Oh!  I forgot the pic of my new shirt.  It's really more of a look-at-how-my-shirt-shows-off-my-tattoo pic, but that's ok.  LOL

Ok, shew!  I sure do have a lot to say on this running blog for someone that didn't run this week!  ;)


  1. good job and good blog, babe!

  2. I'm sorry your heel still isn't better. :( Although you only ran one mile, you got in that 16 mile bike ride! Even though your running is put on the back burner, you're still keeping up with strength training and staying active. You'll be able to jump right back into running.
    I can't tell you how excited I was when a Target opened up in our area. I could spend hours there! :)

    1. I love Target! It's my biggest complaint about living out in the middle of nowhere. I'm hoping strength training and cross training will help me and I won't have to start ALL over, that's my biggest fear with taking so much time off.

  3. Hopefully your heel will heal more this week (giggle) =)

  4. OH! And it looks like you guys had a blast!

  5. Fantastic job on all the strength/cross training! I know it's not the same as running, but you're still getting out there and that's what matters! :)

    Glad you had a fun shopping trip - also, your tattoo is awesome!

    1. I'm trying to embrace what I can now and be positive about what I CAN do! :) Thanks!!!

  6. So glad that you have such a great attitude about being on the sidelines. Cannot wait to see if you're back next week! :D

    1. Thanks Rachel! I figure there's nothing good that will come out of pouting about it, I might as well try to do what I can do! I'm excited for next Monday when I can evaluate where I'm at!

  7. First off, I must comment on Savannah's eyes. . .every picture I see of her, they are STUNNING!! She needs to be in a painting or something. Acting/theater/something!!!
    And now, I am so happy that you are embracing the cross-training. You will be surprised how much of a help it is to you, I would bet that it won't even take you more than one run to get back into things!!! I'm the other way around. . . speed training is what I need to force myself to do---I can lift 3 times a day every day if it would actually be beneficial (which it wouldn't be!!!)
    Hope you're healed up soon!!!

    1. Aw, thanks Sharon! I think she's a stunner too, but I had to giggle at the acting/theater b/c she's PAINFULLY shy, so it's doubtful! LOL. Yep, I'm embracing it, I have you to thank for being such a good cross-trainer-PUSHER! ;)

    2. Anytime! At least what I'm 'pushing' is a positive thing!!
      I've heard many times that the best actors/actresses are the most introverted people you'd ever meet---they project their emotions into the part. . . my husband's uncle is in the theater and was in Fame (if you remember that one long ago!!!)---actually worked for Sesame Street too---he was Cookie Monster!!! so I know that one first hand. . . .just keep it in the back of your mind, you never know!!!